Keep Your Wedding Reception On Budget

After my fresh air experience, I was still faced with the challenge that I needed solutions for what I was experiencing. How can I work it so I have more focus when I want and need it and not necessarily when it swims in at its own leisure?

Hunting: Wow, really? Oh yes, more than one couple has decided that the theme which best suits their wedding is a hunting theme. From camouflage vests on the groom and groomsmen to deer cake toppers, they go all out with the theme. Just so long as the wedding jewelry is not bullets, right?! This can be a fairly tricky theme to pull off tastefully, even for the most avid outdoorsmen. Although the shared passions of the bride and groom are a good place to seek inspiration for a wedding theme, killing things is not necessarily all that romantic. Be sensitive to the sensibilities of your guests, and make the emphasis on nature, rather than the shooting part of hunting.

Practice classic etiquette. Greet her warmly. If you met her online, say something such as, “you are even more beautiful in person.” Hold doors and car doors open for her. When walking down the street, offer her your arm, and walk so that you are closer to the outer curb. All of these things are gentlemanly and will not go unnoticed.

The Peju Tower website says it is one of the tallest structures in the Napa valley. The architecture alone is worth the visit but their wine tasting list is a nice one.

Third, is setting up the environment up for success. I cleared my desk except for the materials I needed. I practiced mantras before each focus. Played a productivity CD or meditated for a few minutes (using a timer so I didn’t get lost in time). Previously when I did this type of exercise, I felt I was wasting my time. Now, I realize it accomplishes the opposite.

Romantic horse and carriage hire for weddings wine tasting trips are part of the attraction to the Longshadow Ranch. They can handle weddings and of course have their own wine shop. Check the website for times of wine tastings.

Decorating the tree each year is always a trip down memory lane. To put up ornaments from your childhood, teenage years and the most beautiful ones you just bought last week, provides an tangible view of your own personal history. As you join your lives together as a couple, consider adding a new ornament to the tree each year. Avoid the typical brass ornaments with the year engraved and choose an ornament that reflects that year in your life. A great idea is to look for Christmas ornaments on vacation, so that every year you can be pleasantly reminded of the great times you have had together.

For the hands on type you can give the Richard Petty Driving Experience a whirl, where you go to experience, first hand, the thrills of the NASCAR world.

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Keep Your Wedding Reception On Budget

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