Social Media Strategy And Branding: How To Recreate A Brand In A Fast Changing Market

Pinterest has become a powerful social network that shows no signs of slowing down. Businesses that are utilizing Pinterest as a part of their social media strategy have seen a lot of benefits. The more your images are being liked, pinned and re-pinned, the more success you will see for your brand.

You may say you just want to make money however think a little deeper. What will you use the money for e.g. buy a house, spend more time with your family, overseas travel, etc? Once you’ve defined your purpose you need to select a niche you feel passionate about. The more passionate you feel about the subject matter of your site the easier it will be to add content and maintain it.

Spend time writing down topic ideas that you can go back to any time you need inspiration for your next piece of content. If you feel that your writing is not strong, you can choose to hire a freelance writer to create content for you.

2- social media for startups – Social networking and bookmarking sites are all the rage on the web nowadays. These have millions of registered members and can be like gold mines to your marketing efforts. What you need to do is build profiles for you and your business in these sites then use them to connect and market to people. The secret to social media success is regular and consistent participation. You should always be there to take part of the conversations and exchanges that are going on in your chosen market or niche.

5)Optimize your website for the search engines. This allows your website to be found by people searching via engines like Google and Yahoo. SEO involves merely researching keywords and placing such keywords in your business website. Make it as easy as well for web spiders to crawl your site.

A lot of small businesses ignore the “when” part of their startup social media strategy. Imagine you are selling headache pills, not any ordinary headache pills but ones that head off migraine. When is the perfect time to talk to the ideal customer about your product? If you answered when she’s about to have a migraine, you have got the when down to a pat. But social media can reach you too late, you can miss the engagement that leads to others recommending you and by then your prospect is in bed with someone else’s headache pills!

Link Baiting: The training sessions for WordPress will explain how to use the link baiting technique can be used to earn quality backlinks. Link baiting is one of the most popular methods to get quality backlinks. All you need to do is to create a controversy at the end of your blog posts and see how the backlinks are attracted. The training session explains how to start a controversy. Alternately, you can also start a contest and declare free gifts. People love free gifts and this is an universal truth! Once you declare freebies, you will see that backlinks flow in easily!

That, in my opinion, is the basis of a Social Media strategy for a sole trader. It is not complicated, plenty of people can advise and there are a lot of websites that will help with free resources. The only real constraint is time. The problem with being a sole trader is that you have to do everything else including making the tea and staring out of the window.

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Social Media Strategy And Branding: How To Recreate A Brand In A Fast Changing Market

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